Sound Maker Delete for ND Miata

Sound Maker Delete for ND Miata



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Do you really need more noise?

We think our new Miata is loud enough, especially the convertible. So we rounded up the factory parts we needed to delete the ridiculously over engineered "sound symposer." The install is very straightforward, and makes a welcome improvement to cabin noise. It's just an extremely easy way to eliminate some weight while improving NVH.

We did the dirty work

The parts in this kit are factory Mazda parts, we've just done the dirty work for you and combined them to make one simple kit. You could look the parts up yourself, drive down to the local dealership, wait for the parts guy to show up to the counter, and try to explain to him what you need. Or, you could order them from us, and save all the hassle. Install is very easy, you will simply remove the plumbing for the noise maker, install a new elbow on the intake hose, and re-connect the existing vacuum line.




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