Stubby Troubleshooting Guide

  • The Stubby doesn't fit my vehicle.

    • It doesn't screw on all the way.

      Sometimes the stubby is a tight fit. Here are a few tips to help get it installed properly:

      • If you just need a bit more torque, you can actually remove the stainless steel adapter from The Stubby with a hex key. Then you can install the adapter straight into the vehicle with the help of the hex key. Now it should be very easy to screw the mast of The Stubby all the way onto the base.
      • If you are still having troubles, there may be some dirt or corrosion clogging up the threads in your vehicle's antenna base. Squirt some WD-40 or similar penetrant into the hole and let it soak for a while, then you can chase the threads either with a correctly sized tap, or the stock antenna to clean them out. Once clean, The Stubby should go in with little resistance.
    • It doesn't screw on at all.

      If The Stubby doesn't screw on it all, it's most likely because it doesn't match the thread size of the base on your vehicle. If your Stubby came with a second adapter, try that one! If not, or if both adapters don't fit, send us a photo comparing the threads on the stock antenna to the threads on The Stubby like this.

    • My previous antenna snapped off.

      If your previous antenna snapped off, there may be a broken piece still stuck in your antenna base. You will need to remove that before you install The Stubby. We've found that a left handed drill bit is the best way to deal with broken studs. Choose a bit that is about half the diameter of the hole. Then, carefully drill into the broken stud. In most cases, the bit will grab and begin to back the broken piece out of the hole. If not, you should now have a hole big enough to use a damaged screw extractor.

Don't see your issue listed here? Send us an email and we'd be happy to help!