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The Dipstick for Subaru BRZ



The Dipstick for Subaru BRZ



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Dips but doesn't stick

Spice up your engine bay with a unique, and highly functional dipstick from CravenSpeed.Our dipstick is easier to read than stock, and will never break. (We'd replace it if it did) The aluminum handle is powdercoated red and really pops. It's got a dual o-ring seal to protect dirt, grime, and water from getting into your oil system.

It's a quick read

The stainless sinker was designed with ease of use in mind. Rather than tricky to see hash-marks, we use small holes that catch oil. This makes it super easy to see what level your oil is at. The top and bottom holes of our sinker line up with the full and low marks on the stock dipstick.


The spring portion of the dipstick allows the sinker to snake efortlessly into the oil pan. You won't ever deal with a jammed dipstick again. It's also fun to play with.


This dipstick fits all BRZ/FRS/GT86 models. Oil should be checked with the engine cold, as the handle will heat up with the motor.




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CravenSpeed warranties everything that we make. The time period is infinite.