The Dipstick

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Dips, but doesn't stick.

Spice up your engine bay with a unique, and highly functional dipstick from CravenSpeed. Our dipstick is easier to read than stock, and will never break. (We'd replace it if it did!) The aluminum handle is powder coated red and tends to really pop against the color scheme of most engine bays. It's equipped with a dual o-ring seal to protect against the elements, dirt, or grime from getting into your oil system.

It's a quick read!

The stainless sinker was designed with ease of use in mind. Rather than the tricky to see hash marks on the stock dipstick, small holes are cut into the bottom of our sinker to let oil seep in. The top and bottom holes of our sinker line up with the full and low marks on the stock dipstick. This makes it super easy to determine your oil level at a glance. You won’t even need to keep a rag handy!

Dipstick reading with holes

Anti-Snag = Anti-Lag.

The spring portion of the dipstick allows the sinker to snake effortlessly into the oil pan. No more getting caught on something and making an unnecessary mess, you won't ever need to deal with a jammed dipstick again! (As an added bonus, it's also fun to play with!)

Dipstick installed on a BMW

Fitment concerns?

The powder coated handle of our dipstick design is available separately for those makes and models that need to retain the original metal rod/dipper. Simply replace your stock handle with one of our new CravenSpeed dipsticks, and reap the benefits of a stylish new engine bay!

Dipstick handle replacement version

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