The Gemini Phone Mount

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How to Make the Best Phone Mount

Our approach to designing the best vehicle phone mounts is centered around 3 core principles. Firstly, we do not believe in developing universal fitment mounts. Things like suction cups, vent clips, or stick on mounts aren’t designed for your vehicle. They can fall off very easily and don’t keep your device safe. For most vehicles we have designed a model specific Gemini mount tailor fit to your car.

Rapid Attachment

Device attachment to the mount should be fast, easy, and secure. Our magnetic attachment system is the fastest and most convenient method of attaching a device to the mount. On select models we also offer a scissor style holder, should the magnet system not be compatible with your device.

Adapts to You

The last part of the puzzle is you. Humans come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, all of our phone mounts allow adjustment of the position and rotation of the phone, so you can place it in the best spot for you.

Bonus Features

With the above principles in place The Gemini creates a secure, convenient, and comfortable space dedicated to your phone. That’s pretty good as is, but there are plenty of other benefits. You’ll never lose your phone in the black hole between the seat and console. Your phone doesn’t have to flop around in the sticky cup holder. The Gemini makes using your phone for navigation a breeze. Even with CarPlay/Android Auto you can more easily use your device to type in addresses or search for a lunch spot.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our Gemini mounts are machined and assembled in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. We put a lot of effort into designing mounts that are easy to install and require very few tools. By following our detailed install guide, anybody can install a Gemini mount in their driveway. All hardware necessary to install the mount and attach any device is included.

The Gemini Phone Mount installed in a Ford F-150

Magnet vs MagSafe

We currently offer two different styles of magnetic attachment. Our magnetic system utilizes an adhesive backed metal plate and a rubberized base with powerful neodymium magnets inside. For the strongest magnetic connection, we recommend sticking the metal plate directly to the back of your phone, but you can also stick it to the back of a case, or on thinner cases simply slide it inside the case.

Both styles operate the same but the Magnet style is not compatible with Qi charging as the solid metal plate will interfere with charging and can damage the device. For MagSafe phones and any phone with Qi functionality, we offer the MagSafe attachment. Instead of a solid metal plate, this version uses a metal ring which does not interfere with Qi charging functionality. For those with MagSafe iPhones or cases, the adhesive metal ring is not required and you can attach your device directly to the MagSafe holder.

If you are looking for charging capability, we also offer a MagSafe Charger Holder attachment. Using Apple's MagSafe charger, this method offers the fastest wireless charging rates available.

A photo of the included adhesive steel plates installed on a smartphone.

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