HighLight Traffic Light Lens

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Enter the HighLight.

Ever stopped just a little bit too close to a traffic light? Strapped into your racing seat with a harness and HANS device? Maybe you own a sports-oriented car or have modified suspension? Perhaps you’re a professional basketball player? Who knows?

Either way, YOU know the neck-straining maneuver it takes just to see the traffic light change a little bit too well.

HighLight on Mini

Thanks Augustin-Jean Fresnel!

The HighLight is a fresnel (pronounced fray-nel) lens, which is a fancy French word that essentially means that it bends visible light and saves you a trip to a massage therapist. Using grooves cut into the surface of the lens, it curves what's able to be seen by the naked eye.

Simply place the Highlight on the top of your windshield on the driver’s side, et voilà! You’ll now be able to see objects that were previously out of view:

Visibility with a Highlight

Buy it once, buy it for life.

Even better, the HighLight is completely removable and reusable, you just need a little bit of water to reinstall it! Simply wet the area where you’re installing the Highlight, firmly press it down, and lightly scrape any “bubbles” that form between the lens and your windshield. Give it an hour or so to dry, and you’re all done.

Visibility with a HighLight #2

The HighLight always makes for an extremely useful visibility tool.

Have trouble with judging clearances while seated in your super/hypercar? A common struggle for the everyday citizen. We hate when that happens too. A HighLight will help you immeasurably when pulling up to the drive-thru in your new McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Could you grab us some fries?

Got glass? The Highlight can help you with that.

That being said, everyone can benefit from the added piece of mind that a HighLight brings, whether your daily driver is a MINI Cooper, CT5-V Blackwing, Civic, CX-7, Mazda 3, Ioniq Hybrid, Miata or more! The HighLight is compatible with literally any car with a windshield!

Visibility with a Highlight

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