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Don’t come off as dim.

The displeasure of driving down a dark, poorly-lit road late at night with only your car’s puny halogen bulbs to light your way ahead isn’t only stressful, it’s dangerous! Don’t get caught in this situation yourself, think about accessorizing your ride and boosting your level of visibility with a CravenSpeed Rally Light Kit.

F60 Quad light bracket installed

Be better, be brighter!

We’ve chosen to work with two great suppliers to provide you with the most superior lighting experience possible. BRTLED and PIAA are both solid brands that we recommend and trust. We’ve even installed them on our own vehicles! CravenSpeed Rally Light Kits are the perfect addition for your MINI or Ford truck.

Closeup of BRTLED led light

You wouldn’t drive with your eyes closed, would you?

Then why trust in an inferior solution? A CravenSpeed Rally Light Kit will actively make your line of sight much better in dark conditions, thereby improving your level of safety. Perfect for secluded trips to the desert, camping in the forest, or even your local town’s back roads! See potential dangers like crossing wildlife and black ice much sooner with the added visual capabilities that a CravenSpeed Rally Light Kit can bring to you and your family’s car or truck.

Rally light kit on MINI F56

Bringing your own lights to the party?

That’s no problem. Pick up one of our bracket kits and have a blast! Our kits are compatible with most aftermarket auxiliary driving lights. Simply select either “Double Brackets Only”, “Quad Brackets Only”, or “A-Pillar Brackets Only from the drop down menu above, depending on your make/model of vehicle.

Rendering of one of our rally light brackets

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