The Stubby Antenna

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Why choose The Stubby?

Stand out from the crowd, fix a broken antenna, or simply modernize your ride with the Stubby; a sleek antenna replacement that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's antenna base. Available in a range of styles that perfectly matches your vehicle's aesthetics, the Stubby can even be customized with your own custom text for that added bit of personality flair.

An Original style Stubby powder coated black.

Compatible with pretty much anything on wheels

Whether your rugged Silverado, Bronco or F-150 needs a little more for getting the job done, you want your Miata or Mustang to be a bit more stylish on a weekend cruise, or you want to customize your daily driver MINI or Elantra, the Stubby is a perfect fit and finish for your vehicle. Don’t think we forgot about our friends on two wheels either! The Stubby is also compatible with a range of Harley-Davidson and Honda motorcycles.

Made in the USA, every day

We meticulously craft each Stubby right here in the USA (not including The Stubby Flex), doing everything we can to ensure its exceptional quality and durability. Each Stubby is designed to withstand whatever elements are thrown your way, while enhancing the appearance of your vehicle for years to come. Not happy for any reason? Our customer service team strives to be the easiest you’ll ever have to deal with. We don’t think you’ll have to, but try us.We dare you.

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The Original Stubby

The Original Stubby is our classic antenna replacement. Original Stubbys range from 3-4' tall. This style is finished with a textured black powder coat.

The Original Stubby antenna replacement by CravenSpeed

The Stubby Jr.

The Stubby Jr. is a great option for those who need some extra height clearance. All Stubby Juniors are 2 inches tall. The Stubby Jr is finished with a textured black powder coat.

The Stubby Jr antenna replacement by CravenSpeed

The Untenna

The Untenna is for those looking to simply do away with any sort of antenna and simply cap off the antenna base. The Untenna is finished with a textured black powder coat.

The Untenna antenna replacement by CravenSpeed

The Bullet Style Stubby

The Bullet Style Stubby is 4 to 5 inches tall. This version is finished with a glossy black anodized coating.

The Bullet Style Stubby antenna replacement by CravenSpeed

The Stubby Flex

At 8" tall, The Stubby Flex is designed for improved radio reception over the standard Stubby lineup. It is a molded rubber construction with an aluminum and carbon fiber base. This version of The Stubby is not made in the USA.

The Bullet Style Stubby antenna replacement by CravenSpeed

It’s a tiny antenna with a huge amount of style

Since 2005, thousands of satisfied customers have experienced the difference that The Stubby has made for their rides. We know you might want to stand out from the crowd, so why not think about customizing your Stubby with your own custom text? (Make sure to add your Stubby to your cart first!) Get yours today.

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