Trunk Lid Popper for Mazda ND MX-5

THANK YOU for purchasing the MX-5 Things Trunk Lid Popper from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

Parts Included:

  • Spring-Assist Units (Driver and Passenger sides)
  • Zip-tie

Tools Required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Needle-Nosed Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Small Jewelers Flat Head Screwdriver (optional)

NOTE: This installation process is very easy, and should take around 15-20 minutes. Please read through the entire instructions before you begin.



    As you could've probably guessed... let's pop the trunk and get started.

    Lay out the kit components and take note of it's what you have. You should see two spring-assist units and a small zip-tie.

    The spring-assist units have a stainless button-head screw on the side that needs to be removed prior installation.

    Head on over to the passenger side trunk hinge and remove the plastic wire loom anchor clip. Use your needle-nosed pliers to pinch the clip and remove it from the hinge.

    At this point you can either cut this anchor off the wiring loom or utilize a small jewelers screwdriver to unlock the zip-tie portion to salvage the anchor clip. You will not be using it for this install, so place it in your parts bin for safe keeping.

    With the wiring loom temporarily out of the way, place the passenger side spring-assist unit against the inboard surface of the trunk hinge (See images for proper orientation). The hole where the wiring loom was mounted is the hole we'll be using to affix the spring-assist unit with the previously removed button-head screw.

    Ensure that the felt pad side of the spring-assist pad is against the underside trunk surface and set the spring housing into place against the hinge. The side hole on the spring housing should index with the pivot rivet of the trunk hinge mechanism. Once located properly, place the stainless button-head screw through the hole and tighten it into the spring-assist housing.

    The passenger side spring assist housing includes a zip-tie anchor on it's inboard side. Use the included zip-tie and re-affix the wiring loom to this point. A quick clip of the zip-tie tail with your wire cutters cleans this right up.

    Perform the same steps to the driver side trunk hinge (sans the zip-tie).

    You're all done! Close the trunk, go press your trunk release switch and marvel at the hands-free, trunk-popping goodness!