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The CravenSpeed Vent Gauge Pod for the ND Mazda MX-5/Miata



Vent Gauge Pod for ND Miata


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To Gauge, or not to Gauge?

Gauges are always a fun addition to any sports car. Especially when driving aggressively, keeping an eye on your oil temp, oil pressure, or water temp is a good way to ensure that your engine is running healthily. The problem is, mounting these gauges tends to be tricky. You either end up with a d.i.y. solution that looks good from afar and far from good, or you end up looking like you're auditioning for a spot on the Quick and Angry crew.

Custom touch, Stock Look.

When it came to installing a gauge in our Miata, we wanted to maintain the factory appeal of the interior. Our gauge mount attaches to an aluminum spacer ring that simply installs between your A/C vent and the dash. Once installed, your Miata buddies will be wondering why they didn't get that option from the dealer.

Fit and Finish

The spacer ring and the gauge cup itself are both CNC machined from aluminum and can be fit to the round vents on either side of the steering wheel. The gauge cup is powder coated with a black texture finish, and the spacer is anodized to match the vent. We have two options for gauge sizes, 52mm or 60mm. For 52mm gauges, we recommend Marshall Instruments gauges, but most aftermarket gauges will fit. We do not currently have any 60mm gauges available. Securing your gauge to the cup is accomplished by either bolting it to the included back plate, or using the included foam pads for a friction fit. Both options allow you to adjust the angle of the gauge in the cup and the angle of the cup itself. This gauge mount was designed specifically for the ND Miata/MX-5, and will fit all trim levels of both the standard Miata and the RF.


In an effort to push innovation, CravenSpeed has released an open source license for this product. Click here to see prints, and CAD files.




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