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Vent Replacement Modified for Gemini

Vent Replacement Modified for Gemini



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Pre-Cut Out of the Box

Our modification philosophy has always been a 'leave no trace' plan. We like to add things that can be bolted on and then removed without damaging the vehicle. Well, this little vent is one of our only casualties; the mounting spot it is hiding is just too good to pass up on. That is why we are giving you the option to get one of these OEM vents that we have cleanly trimmed to allow installation of our Gemini. Use this one and keep the one from the car pristine to re-install later.

It is OEM

There was a period of time when we could not get the Fiat made part, so we tried printing our own. They did not turn out great, people were disappointed. We decided to go this route instead. This is a genuine part that we have modified on the CNC mill so that all the cuts are perfect. You could do this yourself at home, just not as clean as we have done it here.

To DIY or not to DIY

Choose the pre-modified version if you're looking for something to fix that gaping hole right away. If you're going back to stock or you want to give it a try yourself, pick the unmodified version. They're both great options!




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