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The CravenSpeed 8-Bit Tool Kit.

8-Bit Toolkit



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The essentials

Many of our MINI products require the use of fairly specialized Torx screwdrivers to install them. While these tools are widely available, we wanted to provide a convenient, and comprehensive driver set for our customers. The 8-Bit Toolkit is the result. The driver set was designed for the specific task of installing any of our MINI Gemini mounts. The length and profile allow easy access to any of the Torx screws that secure the tachometer to the steering column in MINI vehicles. The bits are also magnetic to prevent the loss of said screws into the dash. The kit comes in a convenient storage case, making it a perfect tool to keep in your glovebox. We've included 6 of the most common Torx sizes, as well as a #2 Phillips and 5mm flathead bit. With the 8-Bit Toolkit you'll be perfectly equipped to install any of our MINI Gemini Mounts, and several other CravenSpeed products!

The 8 driver bits included in the CravenSpeed 8-bit Tool Kit




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