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Automatic Shift Knob Install Guide - MINI Gen 2

THANK YOU for purchasing the Automatic Shift Knob for MINI Gen2 from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

You can buy our CravenSpeed Automatic Shift Knob for MINI Gen 2 here

Parts Included:

  • 1 x Knob Cap
  • 1 x Shift Knob Ball
  • 1 x Stainless Shift Knob Core
  • 1 x Knob Adapter Collar
  • 1 x Lockout Rod
  • 1 x 4-40 Stainless Button Head Screw
  • 6 x 2-56 Stainless Hex Cap Screws
  • 1 x Spring
  • 1 x O-Ring

Tools Included:

  • 1/16" Hex Key
  • 5/64" Hex Key

NOTE: The installation of the knob is fairly straightforward, but we always recommend reading through the entire instructions before you begin. It's good to have an understanding of the whole process while performing any installation so that you may prepare and plan accordingly.



Remove the stock shift knob

  1. We'll begin by popping off the shift boot trim ring that surrounds the shift boot. Simply grasp the edge and gently pull it up and off. Set it aside for re-installation later.

  2. With the shift boot trim ring removed, you can now lift up the shift indicator panel/shift boot assembly and disconnect it's associated wiring plug tucked down inside the center console. This plug is attached to the side with a plastic anchor that can be negotiated out with a screwdriver.

  3. To make removing the knob a bit easier, we need to shift the lever into drive (D). To do so, depress the brake pedal and pull up on the yellow 'tab' with a pair of pliers to release the shift lock. Place the shift lever into drive or thereabouts, since you won't really be able to tell with the indicator panel removed.

  4. The stock knob is simply friction fit onto the shifter. To remove it, firmly grasp the knob with both hands and pull straight up. Do not twist the knob. It takes a bit of force to get the knob off, so keep the area above the knob clear and don't hit yourself in the face! There will be a long lockout rod that comes out with the OEM knob, so be aware of this and try not to bend or break it.

  5. Once the OEM shift knob is removed, we need to take off the plastic flange on the shift lever. It should just pull up and off.

Install the CravenSpeed Shift Knob

  1. Bring the indicator panel/shift boot assembly over to your work surface and push the boot inside out.

  2. Now take the stainless steel core from the CravenSpeed auto knob kit, place it through the topside of the shift boot, and push it even with the edge of the boot. If the boot is too tight, hit it with a heatgun on a low setting to allow the material to stretch a wee bit.

  3. Place the included o-ring over the boot and into the groove of the stainless core piece.

  4. Flip the shift boot right-side out again.

  5. At this point you may now place the shift indicator panel/shift boot/stainless core assembly back onto your shift lever in the MINI. Don’t forget to plug the wiring harness back in.

  6. Push the stainless core down into the boot to prepare for the next steps.

  7. Place the large spring onto the lever and down into the bore of the stainless core.

  8. Install the Knob Adapter Collar onto shift lever above the spring. You may notice small, internal clips on one end of the adapter... these clips are the bottom of the adapter and should be oriented down when you slide it over the shift lever and click it into the lowest grooved section on the shift lever

  9. Using your included 1/16” Hex Driver, install the Lockout Rod to the inside of the Shift Knob Ball with the small, stainless button-head screw.

  10. Bring up the stainless core piece over the knob adapter collar so that the large spring is now inside the assembly. Place Shift Knob Ball over the Stainless Steel Shifter Core, passing the lockout rod down into the shift lever and lining up the slot on the shift lever with the cutouts on the knob body.

  11. Ensure that the (6) holes in the knob body and stainless core line up (you can grab the bottom of the core and spin it to accomplish this). Place Shift Knob Cap onto the Shift Knob Ball, line up the holes and install the (6) Hex Cap Screws with your included 5/64” hex driver. Tighten the screws in a star pattern so that they’re evenly tensioned to ensure a proper, bind-free install.

  12. Once the screws are set and tight, place the shift surround trim ring back into place and you’re finished with the install. Stand back and admire your handiwork!

  13. To operate the shift lock release, simply lift up on the knob