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2014 MINI Cooper F56 Development Update

Yesterday's home runs won't win today's game. -Babe Ruth.

We here at Cravenspeed had some great feedback from our mailing list, and updates regarding other projects, so we thought it might be interesting to keep you up to date as we research and develop new products for the 2014 F56 MINI Cooper. Some of our nGauge customers might be familiar with this process, and we're always happy to share, as well as answer questions, and hear ideas and thoughts. 

It all starts with a dream. Ok, that isn't completely true. It all starts with a drawing. 

After some digital rendering and thought for 3D, it's off to our growing 3D printing bank. 

(We're up to 3 of these things and counting). 

We print out a prototype for test fitment.

Test fitment on our 2014 MINI Cooper F56

After proper fitment, we start test production in steel. 

From here they're being powder coated, and then set free to be sold. 

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak (although a very simple version of the true timeline) into our research and development. Keep an eye our for our F56 MINI Smartphone and GPS mounts. Also keep checking back for updates on short shifters, gauge mounts, and more!