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FIAT FlexPod ScanGauge II Mount

ScanGauge II Mount

You may already know that the ScanGauge II is an invaluable tool. It easily hooks up to the ODBII port inside the car and provides you with tons of valuable information about the health of your FIAT. Although it hooks up easily, the only option they give you to mount it is some sticky Velcro. We are now offering you a new mounting option. This complete kit has everything you need to affix your Scangauge in our FlexPod.


  • The ScanGauge clears codes, and gives you a readout of almost any info you could want about the state of your FIAT
  • The position is adjustable, so the Scan Gauge is always visible.
  • There will be no permanent marks or damage on your FIAT after the kit is removed.
  • The ScanGauge is removable so you can still use it in your other cars when you need to.


  • ScanGaugeII is expensive, and so is the mount.
  • Installing the kit takes longer than plugging in the ScanGauge