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New Product: Gemini Phone Mount for F-150/Raptor

Here at CravenSpeed, we like making phone mounts. We've come up with a set of features that must be included in any phone mount design:

  • The mount must be inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It must position the phone such that it is easy to reach and doesn't interfere with visibility.
  • The installation must be completely reversible.
  • The mount must solidly attach to the vehicle.

With these features in mind, we set out to design a Gemini mount for the 13th Gen F-150/Gen 2 Raptor.

The interior of the 13th generation Ford F-150 has a ruggedly elegant design. Across trim levels, the theme is noticeably consistent. Finding a solid way to seamlessly integrate our phone mount into the interior while sticking to our design philosophy was a fun challenge.

A steering column mount was out of the question. With the large gauge cluster and thick steering wheel, a long arm would need to be used to get the phone into a convenient position. This would result in a wobbly mount that would be no fun to use off-road.

Any mount bolted to the very top of the center console would place the phone too far away from the driver and would also block visibility through the windshield.

The drivetrain selection switch just below the vent on the left-hand side of the head unit/infotainment system caught our eye as a place to install a mounting bracket, and with the inclusion of our flexible arm, it seemed like a great spot to anchor our mount.

After pulling the panel and taking extensive measurements, it was clear that the bracket would need to be oddly shaped in order to fit properly and and blend in with the dash.

Initial models were all over the map in terms of complexity and fabrication style.

But we ended up with an in house run, fully machined from billet.

Making sure the tabs on the drivetrain selector switch assembly clicked into place was the most important part of fitment verification.

Getting it installed initially was tricky but once we got the process figured out it made the instructions pretty straightforward. As much as we enjoy exploratory panel popping in a loaner car, the job is much easier with instructions.

This mounting point in conjunction with our Flexarm accomplishes every goal we want to meet when we design a phone mount. It’s inobtrusive and blends in with the interior. The mount can be uninstalled without leaving any trace it was ever there. The phone position is at good eye level and is a comfortable distance from the driver, without blocking visibility, vents or screens. Finally, it gives the driver the ability to fine tune the phone location to their liking. We are very happy with the way this mount came out, and are sure that any F-150 owner would welcome it’s addition to their truck!