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Track your Abarth, now.

You lucky Abarth owners no longer have an excuse not to get your Italian rocket out on the track for a day of fun, as FIAT has launched the Abarth Experience for FREE. Racers will receive a full day of instruction and fun on the track, as well as a catered breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately for us Portlander's the closest FIAT is coming will be in California. 

Worried about your car? Not a problem. You will pilot cars from FIAT, Abarths that are specifically for the track. Each day consists of four driving modules tailored to the specific track. Including Autocross, Head-to-Head Challenge, Driving Dynamics and Performance Drive. The Abarth Track Experience ends with you riding shotgun as a professional driver pushes the Abarth to the edge. 

What are you waiting for?