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Boost Pressure Sender Adapter Install Guide - MINI Gen 2

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI Gen 2 PSIclone from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

You can buy our CravenSpeed Boost Pressure Sender Adapter for MINI Gen 2 here

Parts Included:

  • 1x PSIclone Adapter
  • 1x O-Ring
  • 1x T25 Screw (for threading into plastic)
  • 1x 1/8 NPT Hose Barb

Tools Required:

  • T20 and T25 Torx wrench
  • Adjustable wrench (crescent)
  • Thread Sealant (teflon tape)
  • Flat-head screwdriver



    1. Loosen the hose clamp around the intake hose connected to the MAF housing.

    2. Disconnect the hose and unplug the MAF sensor.

    3. Using the T-25 Torx wrench, unscrew the (4) screws on the front side of airbox housing lid. These screws are captured in the airbox lid, so don’t attempt to remove them completely.

    4. Take the airbox top off and on the left side of the air filter housing base, there is a lone T25 screw holding the base to the motor. Remove it with your T25 Torx driver. This screw does come all the way out, so don’t let it fall and lose sight of it.

    5. The airbox housing base is now just held into place via a few plastic detent ball mounts. Pull the airbox base up and give the housing a slight twist and pull to disengage it from the plastic intake hose connected to its lower right side. Set the airbox housing base aside and you should now see the intake manifold where the OEM sensor is located.


    6. Unplug the wire from the OEM sensor and use your Torx driver to remove the mounting screw. It may be a T20 or T25 Torx screw (it was a T20 on our MINI).


    7. Install the included O-Ring onto the PSIclone adapter and fit it together with the OEM sending unit.


    8. Apply some thread sealant (teflon tape) to the threads of the hose connector and using your adjustable wrench, install it into the 1/8 NPT tapped hole on the side of the PSIclone adapter.



    9. Connect your aftermarket gauge tubing to the hose connector.

    10. Replace the OEM mounting screw with the longer T25 Torx screw included with your kit and tighten the OEM sensor/PSIclone assembly back into place onto the intake manifold. Reconnect the OEM sensor wiring plug.


    11. Reinstall your components in reverse order. Reconnect the plastic intake hose to the lower right side of the airbox housing base. Push the airbox housing base plastic detents back into their respective mounts. Replace the lone T25 Torx screw on the left side of the airbox housing base. Set the airbox lid back into place (don’t forget the filter if you removed it) making sure the tabs on the backside align correctly then tighten the (4) captured T25 Torx screws along the front side. Replace the intake hose onto the MAF sensor housing and tighten the hose clamp. Replace the MAF sensor wiring plug.

    Note: The best option for the gauge unit tubing is to go through the firewall on the drivers side.