CINCH Seat Belt Tensioner


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What is CINCH?

CINCH is a small device that keeps your seat belt at the appropriate tension while driving. As you drive your seat belt can become slack and improperly positioned, reducing effectiveness and encouraging poor posture. CINCH is an innovative and simple solution for getting optimal performance from your seat belt.

Why do I need CINCH?

As a sports car enthusiast, CINCH is the biggest bang for your buck upgrade you can make to your car. Anyone with any race experience will tell you that stock seat belts are inadequate at keeping your body secure in the seat during performance driving. Wrestling with your car while your body jostles back and fourth leads to lower lap times and an overall less enjoyable experience. CINCH's job is simple. By keeping more tension on the lower portion of the seat belt, it can do a significantly better job of keeping your body secured in the seat. This allows you, the driver, to focus more on driving, and increases your ability to provide smooth and precise inputs. While a 4-point harness and racing seat do provide the ultimate solution to these problems, they both come with massive financial and practicality barriers. CINCH is simply the perfect solution for the everyday sports car enthusiast.

What else does CINCH do?

While our main interest in CINCH was based on it's use in performance driving, the device was invented to promote better posture in the car. By eliminating slack in the belt, CINCH keeps your spine aligned with the lumbar support in your seat. For more information on the benefits of CINCH, visit

Does CINCH fit my car?

CINCH was designed to fit most belt buckles installed in today's vehicles. If your buckle is especially chunky, you might have troubles installing the CINCH device. Fortunately, our generous return policy makes it incredibly simple to return items for a 100% refund. Installation of CINCH is dead simple. Just slide the CINCH over your buckle, buckle up, and give the belt a tug to tighten the lap section.