Shift Knob Install Guide - MINI

THANK YOU for purchasing the MINI and BMW Shift Knob from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials, and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

You can buy our CravenSpeed Shift Knob for MINI here

Parts Included:

  • 1x. Knob Cap (your choice of color and custom design)
  • 6 ea. Hex Cap Screws
  • 1x. Shift Knob Ball (black acetal)
  • 1x. Stainless Steel Shifter Core
  • 1x. Knob Adapter Collar
  • 1x. O-Ring

Tools Required:

  • Plastic Trim Removal Tool (flat-head screwdriver if you use caution)
  • 11/16 Socket
  • 5/64 Hex Driver



    1. Use a Trim Removal Tool (or similar) to remove the boot surround from the center console.

    2015-05-18 11.37.03.jpg

    1. If equipped, carefully disconnect the little white plug from the underside of the driving mode switch housing.

    2015-05-18 11.37.35.jpg

    1. Remove OEM shift knob. (PULL UP!)

    (Graphic by the talented Emily Martin, )

    1. Once the OEM shift knob has come loose, invert the shift boot and pinch the connector clip using an 11/16 socket to remove the collar attaching the boot. (Thanks to CobraBob on NAM for the tip)

    Knob trick.JPG

    Knob trick(2).JPG

    Knob trick(3).JPG

    1. Now that the OEM shift knob and boot is completely removed from the car, you can set the shifter ring and boot back down onto the console... but don’t clip it down into place just yet.


    1. Place the o-ring onto the shift lever.

    1. Slide the stainless core on top of the boot.

    1. Install the Knob Adapter Collar onto shift lever. You’ll notice a small lip on one end of the adapter... that lip is the bottom of the adapter and should be oriented down when you slide it over the shift lever and click it into the grooved section. (Seen below)



    1. Place Shift Knob over the core, lining up the slot on the shift lever with the cutouts on the knob.

    1. Ensure that the (6) holes in the knob and core line up (you can grab the bottom of the core and spin it to accomplish this). Place Shift Knob Cap on the Shift Knob, and install the (6) Hex Cap Screws with your 5/64 hex driver.

    1. Lift shift boot surround UP and OVER the knob so the boot is inside out. Bring up the o-ring you installed earlier to secure the top of the boot around the groove in the bottom of the Shift Knob Base.

    1. Lower the shift boot surround, reconnect the white plug and then pop the surround back into place by pushing firmly around the edges.


    Congratulations! Your Shift Knob install is complete!