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Gemini Phone Mount Install Guide - Fiat 500

THANK YOU for purchasing The Fiat 500 Gemini from CravenSpeed. This product is made from the highest grade materials and is guaranteed to be free from defects.

You can buy our CravenSpeed Gemini Phone Mount for Fiat 500 here

Parts in the box.

Parts Included:

  • FlexArm with Magnet Mount
  • Steel & Rubber Washer Combo
  • Magnet Mount Plates

Tools Required:

  • Plastic Pry Tool
  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • Vent Modification: Wire Cutters & Xacto Knife



Removing the Vent Cover and Bolt

    Removing the Vent Cover; before
  1. Using a plastic pry tool, pop out the driver's side vent cover.
  2. Removing the Vent Cover; before
  3. Once you have a corner loose, it should lift right out.
  4. Removing the Vent Cover; during
  5. With the cover removed, use a 5mm allen wrench to remove the bolt at the bottom of the vent cavity.
  6. Removing the bolt; before
  7. While a shorter wrench will do in a pinch, our long T-handle works best.
  8. Removing the bolt; during
  9. Put the shoulder bolt with the washers in a safe place.
  10. Removing the bolt; after

OPTIONAL: Modifying the Vent

If you have already purchased one of our pre-modified Vent Covers, skip this step and move down to the installation process.

  1. When preparing the vent cover for modification, it may be helpful to tape off the two sections as shown.
  2. Modifying the Vent Cover; before Modifying the Vent Cover; before
  3. Using the wire cutters, clip off the section of vent fin as shown.
  4. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  5. The section of fin should be a bit over 1/2" You can always trim more off later if the Flexarm doesn't fit through.
  6. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  7. The other section of fin that needs to be cut requires some more effort. Here is an example of a completed vent cover you should use as a reference before you begin to cut the next fin.
  8. Modifying the Vent Cover; after
  9. First start by clipping this fin at the back.
  10. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  11. Flip it over and clip at the front.
  12. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  13. Angle the two cuts towards each other to meet in the middle, allowing you to pull the half moon section out of the vent.
  14. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  15. When the cuts intersect you should be able to remove the half circle.
  16. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  17. Clean up the cut a bit using the cutters or an xacto knife.
  18. Modifying the Vent Cover; during
  19. Test fit the Flexarm into the vent cover to make sure it can be installed in the vehicle correctly.
  20. Modifying the Vent Cover; after

    Installing the replacement Vent Cover

  1. Before we put the replacement Vent Cover back into the dash we need to install some washers. Place the rubber washer in first, and the metal washer on top of it.
  2. Washers lined up Washers installed
  3. With those installed, we can put in the Vent Cover modified to accept the FlexArm
  4. Installing replacement vent cover Cover installed

Installing the Phone Mount

  1. With the Vent Cover in place, put the FlexArm through the opening.
  2. Installing the FlexArm Flexarm installed
  3. Thread the screw on the bottom of the FlexArm through the washers and into the threaded hole at the bottom. Once installed, bend the FlexArm and rotate the magnet to your preferred position.
  4. Ready to use

Congratulations… your Fiat 500 Gemini install is complete! Happy motoring with a secure phone.