Gimme a Sign!

Gimme a Sign!

Posted by Steve on 10th Dec 2019

We've been in our new digs here for a couple years now and finally decided we needed some cool signage on the outside of the building. After contacting a few local sign making companies and receiving … read more
Stick'em Up

Stick'em Up

Posted by Steve on 25th Sep 2019

Who doesn’t enjoy personalizing their vehicle? Maybe the weird dude down the street with the Taurus wagon, but most of us take a little more pride in what we drive and feel that our transportation is … read more

F56 Adjustable Short Shifter

Posted by Adam on 2nd Jul 2014

If you have ordered, or are thinking about a new F56 MINI, you might be glad to know that we have an adjustable short shifter ready to go for you.Our Adjustable Shifter is the only short shifter that … read more

FIAT Abarth Club Meeting

Posted by Adam@Craven on 28th Apr 2014

We were happy to host a FIAT Abarth owners club meeting here at Cravenspeed HQ Sunday the 27th. We had a great turnout, and can't wait for next time. Abarth owners are just as passionate and unique as … read more

​Countryman to rule the world!?

Posted by Adam Craven on 30th Jan 2014

With the “Spring” release of the MINI Cooper (F56) delayed with no official release date, I thought I would write about something a little more fun, the MINI Countryman.The Countryman is manufactured … read more