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Product Instructions

CRMC-0001-A A Bracket
CRMC-0001-R R Bracket
CRMC-0001-W  W Bracket
CRMC-0001-X   X Bracket
CRMC-0001-Z  Z Bracket
CRMC-0002   Gauge cups
CRMC-0006   MINI Shift Well Cover (Gen 1)
CRMC-0011   MINI R53 Supercharger Pulley
CRMC-0017  MINI Short Shifter
CRMC-0022   Grille Badge Holder
CRMC-0025R   MINI R53 Cold Air Intake
CRMC-0041  MINI Strut Tower Defenders (Gen 2)
CRMC-0046  MINI Shift Well Cover (Gen 2)
CRMC-0054   Hidden Wiring Kit for MINI
CRMC-0054-Fiat   Hidden Wiring Kit for Fiat
CRMC-0059   Stainless Steel Ebrake Handle
CRMC-0060   Under Tower Indurators
CRMC-0063   Water Temp Sender - Hot Link
CRMC-0064   Boost Pressure Sender-PSIclone
CRMC-0065   Oil Pressure Sender - Tapless Adapter
CRMC-0069  The Platypus license plate mount
CRMC-0250   Tow Hook
CRMC-0260   Wiper Delete
CRMC-1000-U130  MINI Gen 3 Smartphone Mount
CRMC-1000-R140   MINI Gen 2 iPhone/device Mount
CRMC-1000-R190   MINI Gen 2 Scangauge Mount
CRMC-1000-R51  MINI Gen 2 Nuvi Mount
CRMC-1000-R130   MINI Smartphone Mount Pro Series
CRMC-1000-R52   MINI Gen 2 TomTom Mount
CRMC-1000-FX140MINI Fixie iPhone Mount
CRMC-1000-FX51  MINI Fixie GPS Mount
CRMC-1000-Z51   MINI Gen 1 GPS Mount
CRMC-1000-Z140.pdf   MINI iPhone Mount
CRMC-1000-Z190   MINI Gen 1 Scangauge Mount
CRFA-0016  Fiat Shift Knob
CRFA-0017   Fiat Short Shifter
CRFA-1000-130   Smartphone Mount for Fiat
CRFA-1000-130   GPS Mount for Fiat
CRGK-AXXXX.pdf   MINI Complete Gauge Kit (Gen 2)
CRGK-AXXXXN   MINI Complete Gauge Kit (Gen 2 Refresh)
CRU-2100   OBDII Bluetooth Connector
CRU-2103   OBDII WifI Connector (For use with Dash Command)
Tesla Model S Platypus   Tesla Model S Platypus Install Instructions
CRFA-0020   Dodge Dart Short Shifter Install Instructions
CRFA-0072-A   Dodge Dart Platypus Install Instructions
CRFA-0210-DRTDodge Dart Throttle Body Spacer
CRFA-0210-FIATFIAT Abarth Throttle Body Spacer
CRFA-0210-FIATFIAT 500 Throttle Body Spacer
CRFA-0215FIAT Water Meth Injection Kit
CRMC-0851The Big Pair
CRFF-0357F150 / Raptor Dead Pedal
CRMC-1025Cold Air Intake - F56 / F55
CRMC-0017-F Adjustable Short Shifter - F56 / F55
CRMC-0017-FPerformance Springs
CRMC-0570Koala Intake Manifold Spacer
AM-0015Shark Fin
CRMC-0412MINI and BMW Shift Knob (New 2015)